1 click weather fix

*Update 05-25-2016*Lanny finished updating the weather and radar links. I fixed the issue with the thunderstorm icon showing later in the day. It now correctly shows the nighttime forecast once the daytime high is no longer relevant. Link to the zip remains the same below. *Update 05-15-2016*The XML URL changed again. Made an update and included a new zip of the addon. Add it using the same procedure. *Edit* I updated to work after weather.com shut down the old URL. Now you have to type in your city/state instead of putting in a zip code. I went through and re-programmed this to get it to work. I am not a JS programmer so it is not perfect but seems to be working. It had to be updated to Google’s new security requirements because it adds to the permissions.

Click here to download the Fixed In order to use it you need to unzip, then go to extensions and choose load unpacked extension. Put in your configuration information and click save. Go back to extensions and choose reload extension and it will work. If you don’t have a Load Unpacked Extensions option, I think you need to be in experimental mode. You can always Google how to load an unpacked extension.