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Paramedics Have Been Dispatched: The 6th (and Final) Season is Announced! – 5:43 AM 1/13/2010 This will make your day: “Emergency! – Season 6” has been officially announced for DVD! We’ve got the details for you, at the TVShowsOnDVD News!
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These below are details of The Columbia House Listing.  The DVD Episode listing Coming Soon.



EMERGENCY Pilot (Airdate: January 15, 1972)
Guest Cast: Martin Milner, Kent McCord, Jack Krushchen, Ann Morgan Guilbert, Lew Brown,Art Balinger, Virginia Gregg, Herb Vigran, Colby Chester, Kathryn Kelly Wiget and Don Ross.
The pilot film directed by Jack Webb that introduced the hugely popular series. When fireman John Gage rescues someone who later dies of cardiac arrest, he volunteers for the paramedic training program. But despite the training, volunteer paramedics may not administer first aid until a California State Assembly bill is passed. Although one of the doctors involved in the training could help pass the bill, he doesn’t believe in the program. What changes his mind, and the risks undertaken by the paramedics are some of the sotries told in this suspenseful and realistic film.

BRUSH FIRE (Airdate: February 19, 1972)
Guest Cast: Gary Crosby, Ellen Moss, Bob Hastings, Tony Dow, Trent
Lehman, Edith Evanson, Lillian Bronson, Vince Howard and Art Ballinger.
A roaring canyon fire is raging out of control. As the threat to the
inhabitants spreads rapidly, the paramedics rush to the area.
Meanwhile, the Rampart staff must prepare to treat the injured. Featuring popular
television actor Gary Crosby, as well as Leave It To Beaver’s Tony

CRASH (Airdate: April 15, 1972)
Guest Cast: Cicely Tyson, Gary Crosby, William Bramley, Don Matheson,
John Smith, Francine York, Sandy DeBruin, Edmund Cambridge, Eric Laneuville,
Patricia Mickey, Buddy Lester, Ronne Troup, and Chris Forbes.
A series of medical emergencies forces the paramedics and medical staff
of Rampart Hospital to swing into action. Not only does a private plane
crash with a family aboard, but a child swallows a massive dose of a powerful
medication, and a man suffers a heart attack.

COOK’S TOUR (Airdate: February 12, 1972)
Guest Cast: Frank Aletter, Jacqueline Russell, Dennis Rucker, Dorothy
Green, Virginia Gregg, Lew Brown, Bill Henry, Scott Smith, Barbara
Sigel and Dorothy Konrad.
Gage and DeSoto must rely on the radioed assistance of Dr. Brackett and
Nurse McCall to meet a series of wildly diverse challenges. The
paramedics manage to rescue a battered boy under the influence of drugs, attempt
to deliver a baby, and revive the victim of a severe electric shock.

NURSES WILD (Airdate: March 4, 1972)
Guest Cast: Royal Dano, Kip Niven, Christine Dixon, Victor Izzy, chris
Forbes, Patricia Mickey, Sarah Fankboner, Vince Howard and Colby
Chester. Social issues as well as rescue work receive equal attention. When a
store owner suffers a heart attack after shooting a holdup man, both need the
paramedic’s assistance to keep them alive. An episode that remains as
relevant as when it was first shown!

PUBLICITY HOUND (Airdate: March 11, 1972)
Guest Cast: Gene Raymond, Gary Crosby, Sallie Shockley, Barry Higgins,
Bill Baldwin, Edith Diaz, Scott Allen, Ted Gehring and William Bryant.
Pride and ego take center stage. When an arrogant paramedic from
another outfit is repeatedly singled out as a hero by a television newsman,
Gage becomes infuriated. Meanwhile, Dr. Brackett’s career is endangered
when he clashes with an influential tycoon.

HANGUP (Airdate: April 18, 1972)
Guest Cast: Mort Sahl, John Smith, Shelly Novak, Art Ballinger,
Savannah Bently, Vince Howard, Don Ross, Lew Brown and Chris Forbes.
The paramedics must once again face lethal danger in the act of
providing emergency aid. After freeing a burglar stuck in an air-conditioning
duct, they find themselves assisting an unconscious doctor trapped in a
burning lab

PROBLEM (Airdate: September 16, 1972)
Guest Cast: Lloyd Bochner.
Paramedic Roy DeSoto gives emergency treatment to a critically injured
accident victim. Afterwards when the patient dies, he is told by the man’s
doctor that he acted irresponsibly. But Dr. Brackett, who initially
opposed the paramedic program, rallies to DeSoto’s defense.

SCHOOL DAYS (Airdate: January 13, 1973)
Guest Cast: Kip Niven, Ian Wolfe, Michael James Wixted, Ann Doran and
Sandy DeBruin.
A daring young volunteer has completed his training course at Rampart
General Hospital. But when the novice is partnered with Gage and
DeSoto his involvement in several risky rescues helps him decide if he is

TRAINEE (Airdate: November 11, 1972)
Guest Cast: robert Pratt, Jackie Coogan, Charles H. Gray, VinceHoward,
Lillian Lehman, Ron Henriquez, Anthony Eldridge, Iris Korn and Wynn
Irwin. Gage and DeSoto are assigned to ride with a fireman who thinks that his
Vietnam experience would make him an ideal paramedic. But DeSoto is
concerned that an overconfident candidate may not act responsibly, and
that the young man’s attitude could lead to disaster.

DRIVERS (Airdate: January 6, 1973)
Guest Cast: Dick Yarmy, Vic Mohica, Frank Maxwell, Lillian Lehman,
Molli  Benson, Johnny Hartman, Jackie Russell and James Beach.
Gage and DeSoto face the diverse challenges that confront paramedics
working  in a big city, including: a boy wedged tightly in a hollow tree, a
cardiac  arrest case on the third floor of a burning hotel, and civilian drivers
who make it hazardous just to reach disaster scenes.

HONEST (Air date: February 17, 1973)
Guest Cast: Ann Whitfield, Beverly Saunders, Vincent Perry, Heidi Wynn,
Cheryl Miller and Doug Rowe.
The paramedics struggle to rescue a boy and his blind grandfather from
a burning house. Meanwhile, the emergency crew at the hospital fight to
save an asthmatic boy poisoned by dangerous fumes – as well as the
antihistamine thoughtlessly dispensed by his mother.

SNAKE BITE (Air date: October 27, 1973)
Guest Cast: Richard N. Slattery, Tony Haig, Reta Shaw, Laurie Brighton,
Sarah Frankboner, Jill Chandler, Don Carter, Johnnie Collins III and
William Bryant.
Vacationing paramedics discover auto crash victims seriously injured in
a desolate area out of state, where only a local doctor can authorize
treatment. Later, Gage is bitten by a rattlesnake, and must direct his
own treatment while he is rushed back to Rampart General Hospital.

BODY LANGUAGE (Air date: December 8, 1973)
Guest Cast: Michael Morgan, Joseph Albee, Kenneth Tobey, Bill Williams,
Ronald Feinberg, Ronne Troup, Randy Boone, Scott Grolav, Julie Rogers,
Vince Howard, Hank Jones, Joe Danova, Mary Angelo, Frank Bonner and Michael
Campbell. It’s another busy day for the paramedics when two people overdose on
belladonna, a rock group high on pills lose control and careen off the
deep end, and a cropduster crashes, dousing a passenger in deadly poison.

THE PROMOTION (Air date: February 2, 1974)
Guest Cast: Michael Martland and Tom Simcox.
An unusually thick fog suddenly forms in Los Angeles. With the city
caught naware, more than 50 cars collide in multiple traffic accidents on the
San Diego Freeway. Equipped with their truck’s most powerful spotlights,
Gage and DeSoto reach the site prepared for the worst. Which is exactly
what they find.

THE OLD ENGINE (Air date: September 29, 1973)
Guest Cast: Smith Evan, Bernard Fox, Kim Hamilton, Christopher Nelson
and Dick Yarmy.
The paramedics try to prevent a woman from leaping to her death, treat
a heart attack victim and rescue a fireman after he falls through a roof
into a burning building. So in an effort to unwind, Gage and DeSoto buy a
junked 1932 fire engine they hope to restore and put on exhibit.

905-WILD (Air date: March 1, 1975)
Guest Cast: Gary Crosby, Mark Harmon, David Huddleston, Laura
Huddleston, Albert Popwell and Rose Ann Zecker.
A paramedic team from the Los Angeles County Animal Control Department
responds to emergencies such as animals trapped by a forest fire, and a
huge Bengal tiger on the loose in the city. A truly unique pilot for a
series that unfortunately remained unsold.

THE STEWARDESS (Air date: September 13, 1975)
Guest Cast: Gretchen Corbett, James Ingersoll, John La Due and William
Wintersole.Flying back from a demonstration of lifesaving techniques, Gage and
DeSoto find themselves faced with a passenger having a heart attack. As they
accompany their patient to Rampart, they must also provide emergency
treatment to save the passenger’s life.

LOOSE ENDS (Air date: January 15, 1977)
Guest Cast: William Boyett, William Bryant, Vince Howard and Walter
Mathews. ENDS, the paramedics respond to a report of a traffic accident with injuries. When they free a young girl trapped in a car with her dead father, they discover that the other passenger is Dr. Kelly Brackett And the doctor seems to be suffering more from guilt than from his head injury.

AUDIT (Air date: April 7, 1973)
Guest Cast: Kathy Cannon, Ross Elliott, Kathleen King, James McEachin and Robert Porter.
A construction worker is pinned in a pile of rubble by a metal rod
that’s gone through his leg. And the clock is ticking, because he may soon be buried in an avalanche of concrete – unless paramedic Roy DeSoto heeds his pleas and amputates the trapped man’s leg.

UNDERSTANDING (Air date: December 15, 1973)
Guest Cast: Benye Gatteys, James Griffith, Robert Patten, Phillip Pine,
Katheleen Quinlin, John Russell and Michael Vandever.
Gage and DeSoto attempt to rescue a horse that is trapped in a burning stable. Later, the paramedics find that they are the ones in need of rescue, as they try to help the captives of a pair of bank robbers, only to become hostages themselves.

PROPINQUITY (Air date: February 16, 1974)
Guest Cast: Brendan Boone, Don Hanmer and George Orrison.
The paramedics assist a female motorist trapped in her cars, and rush
to a refinery threatened by an explosion. But without question, it’s a
high-stakes poker game that provides the day’s worst tension for John Gage, when a heart attack victim refuses treatment while Gage plays his last hand.

PRESTIDIGITATION (Air date: January 25, 1975)
Guest Cast: Madelyn Cain, Bernard Fox, Tony Giorgio, James Gregory, Arthur Space and Dick Yarmy.
The paramedics save a man from being crushed by an electrical
transformer and rescue a magician trapped in a trunk underwater. Meanwhile, Dr. Brackett can do nothing but wait as his father undergoes a serious operation at Rampart.

THE SMOKE EATER (Air date: January 11, 1975)
Guest Cast: John Anderson, Sharon Faron, Sid Haig, Lin McCarthy, Burt Mustin and Anne Whitfield.
Squad 51 must deal with their own in-house generation gap. Captain
Stanley is on vacation, and his temporary replacement, Senior Fire Captain Bob Robertson, disapproves of what he considers the newfangled techniques used by the paramedics.

WELCOME TO SANTA ROSA COUNTY (Air date: December 25, 1976)
Guest Cast: James Jeter, Carla Layton and Bill Watson.
Gage and DeSoto go on a vacation in mountain country, but don’t get the rest that they had anticipated. In two local accidents, injured mountain climbers are stranded on a cliff, and two people burned in the explosion  of their fishing boat must be rescued.

THE PROFESSOR (Air date: February 3, 1973)
Guest Cast: Hedley Mattingly, Jane Merrow and Paul Picerni.
As the paramedics have their hands full dealing with their own
emergencies,Dr. Brackett attempts to cure a stricken British professor. And if  Brackett fails, the consequences could impact the nation: the professor is involved in work that is vital to the country.

THE SCREENWRITER (Air date: September 14, 1974)
Guest Cast: Roger Perry and Carol Wayne.
Gage and DeSoto find their life-saving work harder than usual. To add
to  the pressure-cooker conditions faced by the paramedics, screenwriter Art Fromish accompanies them for one long day with his ever-present tape recorder and uncaring attitude.

HOW GREEN WAS MY THUMB (Air date: January 26, 1974)
Guest Cast: Don Chastain, Leigh Christian, Helen Clark, Pamela Hensley, Vince Howard, Will Hutchins, Jack Kosslyn, Donald Mantooth, Kim Richards Eric Shea, George P. Wallace and William Wintersole. 

The paramedics try to rescue a child who has fallen off a cliff after
being bitten by a dog, and a group of tourists trapped in a burning winery. Meanwhile, Dr. Brackett faces the challenge of his career when he operated to remove a hand grenade from a man’s abdomen.

COMMUNICATION GAFFE (Air date: October 12, 1974)
Guest Cast: William Bryant, Paul Bryan, Brooke Bundy, Brian Cutler,
John  Elerick, Jennifer King, James McEachin and Denny Miller.
During an attempted liquor-store robbery a policeman and the would-be thief are both wounded. Although the thief’s injury is more serious, the policeman’s partner promises trouble for paramedics Gage and DeSoto unless the officer is treated first.

THE FLOOR BRIGADE (Air date: February 9, 1974)
Guest Cast: Pat Buttram, Stephen Colt and Don Diamond.
Each week at a local supermarket a likeable old hermit sorts through
the trash. When he doesn’t show one day, the market’s manager makes a concerned call for help, and the paramedics discover the elderly man trapped beneath the debris of a cave-in.

FOOLS (Air date: January 19, 1974)
Guest Cast: Carol Arthur, William Campbell, John Harmon and Bobby
Sherman. A young doctor has the makings of a great physician, even though he’s nearly caused the death of one patient. Gage and DeSoto were the paramedics  responsible for saving that patient’s life, and now may be the only ones who can help the young physician discover the compassion he needs to  succeed.

Vol. 17 Computer Error  (Airdate: 12/22/1973)
Writer: John Groves; Director: Joel Kolinsky
Guest Cast: Bonnie Bartlett, Mark Miller, Tami Guthrie, Audrey Landers, Danny Most, Loren Jameson.
Story: Johnny tries to get a credit card mistake corrected. A young couple is rescued from a car accident. Gage and  Desoto
respond to a call to rescue a pseudo-magician from a safe. A woman is trapped in an abandoned well. A fire at a junkyard proves
hazardous due to phosphorus materials stored there.

Messin’ Around ( Airdate: 1/12/1974)
Writer: Dennis Landa; Director: Richard Newton
Guest Cast: J. Pat O’Malley, Ann Prentiss, Karl Swenson, Carol Lawson, John Shawlee, Paul Bryer, Vince Howard, Tammy Harrington, Paul Sorenson, Lance Kerwin.
Story: Gage is besieged by the phantom aka  Chef. A child is trapped in a burning tree. A bulldozer drives off a cliff and lands on top of a garbage truck injuring three men. A loveable old hypochondriac has a real illness for a change. The owner of a gas station
has stomach problems. A man is speechless after his wife gives him sap from her houseplant.  Desoto and  Gage Vince’s help to treat a child who has swallowed ant poison.

Vol. 18 The Mouse ( Airdate: 2/8/1975)
Writer: Edwin Self; Director: Christian I. Nyby, II
Guest Cast: William Zuckert, Ronnie Schell, J. Pat O’Malley.
Story: Chet becomes obsessed with ridding the station of an uninvited guest. A man is trapped in a burning house with burglarbars on the window. DeSoto and Gage attempt to break up a bar fight. The crash of a jet plane into an apartment complex provides
the station with highly dangerous duty.

Frequency ( Airdate: 1972)
Writer: Kenneth Dorward; Director: Dennis Donnelly
Guest Cast: Pamela McMyler, Don Kelly, Linda Kelsey, John Dennis, Cedric Wolfe, Ron Townsend Story: Four paramedic units have to share the same frequency for broadcasts to Rampart.Gage and Desoto respond to a call where a policeman has been hit by a car. A man is trapped in his sculpture. A man and his son are injured at a construction site. Abiker-gang rumble overloads the hospital staff at Rampart and Roy and Johnny help out. Johnny must deal with the death of a friend.

Vol. 19 Inheritance Tax ( Airdate: 11/17/1973)
Writer: Arnold Somkin; Director: Dennis Donnelly
Guest Cast: Warren Berlinger, Michael Fox, Marion Ross.
Story: An elderly woman that Desoto and Gage treated the previous year dies and remembers them in her will. A child is trappedin a car under downed power lines. A stockbroker with heart problems is reluctant to be treated. A teenager becomes ill after
eating 19 hamburgers in a contest. The station responds to a three-alarm paint factory fire.

Details( Airdate: 12/7/1974)
Writer: Michael Norell; Director: George Fenady
Guest Cast: Barbara Nichols, Walter Brooke, Tom Reese, Charles Quinlivin, Michele Noval, Erik Estrada (unaccredited).
Story: Gage gets engaged to a woman after only a few days, but she’s left out a few important details. While responding to acall, Gage and Desoto witness a pedestrian being struck by a car. A woman is badly burned, and a man is killed, in a fire caused by
improperly stored gasoline. A belly-dancer overdoses on diet pills, and a boy is bitten by a dog. Roy and Johnny become trappedon a ledge of a burning building.

Vol. 20 The Hard Hours ( Airdate: 2/2/1974)
Writer: Arnold Somkin; Director: Christian I. Nyby, II
Guest Cast: Dick Butkus, Nick Nolte, Eve Brent.
Story: Dr. Early is diagnosed with a heart condition and undergoes a bypass. A pro-football player is embarrassed to admit that  his son tackled him too hard. A boy builds a life-sized rocket. Roy rescues a girl stuck in a tub.

Quicker Than the Eye( Airdate: 11/9/1974)
Writer: Arthur Weiss; Director: Don Richardson
Guest Cast: Mark Spitz, Susy Spitz, Michael Conrad
Story: Tired of Chet’s  antics, the guys at the station get their revenge by playing practical jokes of their own. A gun discharges by
accident and injures a pregnant woman, a construction worker caught under a boat refuses an IV, and a man in a motorcycle accident communicates through his thumb.


New Information : Emergency! will be Release season 2 on  DVD  in 2006 by Universal Studio

Emergency! and Adam-12 Season 2 will be release on DVD on February 7,2006 by Universal Studio. see Links above.  


Squad 51: Season 2 Will Be Dispatched This February!  10-4, KMG365. – 6:04 AM 11/21/2005 “Emergency! – Season 2” speeds its way to the rescue early in 2006, and we’ve got your first look at the early info (including a small shot of the cover).  Read the whole story in the TVShowsOnDVD News!
URL: http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=4545

Sound the Alarm – Season 3 Announced! – 11:35 AM 11/28/2006 We have news on season 3 posted to the site – come take a look!
URL: http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=6655

Season 4 To The Rescue! Squad 51 Returns to Duty this January – 9:08 AM 10/16/2007 “Emergency! – Season 4” is coming to DVD early next year. 
URL: http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=8271

Columbia House

Unfortunately, THE EMERGENCY TV. SERIES is no longer available. This inventory was withdrawn after
printed materials had been prepared and distributed. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

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